Cutsie Pair of Pyjamas (£2.76)



In a slight departure from my usual projects, I’ve decided to make my first pair of pyjamas. They’re easy, adorable, and I hope to be whipping up numerous pairs as xmas gifts. Is £2.76 too cheap for an xmas present? I’ll supplement them with something. Or I could buy some fancier fabric.

Anyway, in addition to your fabric (I suggest a cotton or polycotton), you’ll need a piece of elastic, and if you like, some lace or trim to go around the edge. This part is totally optional, and if you don’t fancy it you can just do a little rolled hem around the edges. However, if you think you’ll end up making more than one pair of PJs, I discovered that you can pick up nearly 10 metres of lacey trim for 99p off Ebay. It’s from abroad so may take a while to arrive, but I think it’s a savvy investment.

If you’re too shy to make something and wear it with pride out and about the following day, this project will give you good practice on a couple of techniques, and will ease you in gently to wearing your own creations. Let me know how it goes!



IMG_0112 (2).JPG

IMG_0114 (2)

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Easy Peasy Wrap Midi Skirt (£2.99)


Hey gang.

So this project is ultra easy and ultra affordable. I’ve made a simple wrap skirt  for the cost of £2.99 when in shops they’re £30 or more.

It’s made of two rectangles of fabric and doesn’t have any fastenings or anything to worry about. You can use any non-stretch fabric that takes your fancy. I like viscosey fabrics because they handle nicely, don’t crease too much, come in lots of patterns, and are widely available at fabric shops and market stalls. I got mine from a market stall in Tooting, but you’ll be able to find similar stuff anywhere.

I’ve recommended a pattern that uses your hip width of fabric plus 30cm, which gives a decent overlap but a considerable split up the side. If you want to be more covered up, feel free to use more fabric.

This is a perfect first-timer’s project. Please have a go and let me know how you get on. Good luck!




Swooshy 70’s Pussy Bow Dress (£4.43)


So, here’s my first post! It’s inspired by all the 70’s style dresses that are out there at the minute. Except this one only cost me £4.43. Exactly how much it will cost depends on how much fabric you need- this is determined by the measurement of the widest part of your hips/booty area plus around 30cm. I was lucky that whilst I only ordered a meter of fabric, I actually received over 120cm, and this was fine for me.

I’ve tried to break down the steps in an easy way. Being a guerilla seamstress, I didn’t bother with making a pattern, but if it makes you feel better, of course you can draft the shape you want on paper, and then use it as a template for when you’re ready for the fabric.

I’ve illustrated all of the steps below, and also made a video (I’m afraid filming this stuff isn’t that easy on a big clunky laptop, but it will hopefully give you the guidance you need). I hope you have a go. Let me know how you do!



IMG_0038 (2)