Sports Luxe T-Shirt (£1.25)

Hi gang!

Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been christmas-elfing and so my personal dress-making has taken a back seat. What I have for you here is a quick and simple, but fancy-looking t-shirt. It’s extra easy because you can trace off an existing t-shirt to get the shape. No measuring!

For the fabric, I’ve used an old curtain from the £1 bin in a charity shop. Hear me out! Old curtains are a great way of finding luxurious and interesting fabrics for very few pennies. For the size of the fabric, it basically just needs to be able to fit a loose fitting t-shirt on when folded in half. You can take your t-shirt to the shop with you. You could also do a mix-and match of fabrics for the sleeves and the body pieces.

Have  go at this one- it’s easy!

Also, I’ll do a vid later in the week, but it seems people like my instructions more than videos so I might save myself a lot of time and just do instructions in future. Let me know if that would be a problem for you!



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To-do list and Call for Submissions!!

Hey Y’all!

This weekend I went home for my bday and haven’t had time to complete my video and photograph my most recent project. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait til next week, but hopefully you can busy yourself with Christmas shopping (or previous projects 🙂 ).

However, I didn’t want you to think I didn’t care any more, so I’m just posting this sneaky peek preview of the next few makes I have in mind. A couple of these are requests I’ve had from friends, but given my mission of democratising sewing, I wanted to open the floor to everyone. If there’s anything you’d love to know how to make, please let me know and I’ll do my best to oblige.

Lots of love,


Embellished Kimono (£5.50)

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Hello hello!

This make is inspired by some of the super snazzy jackety things out there at the minute. The Balmain X H&M black velvet beaded duster jacket really caught my eye, and whilst what I’ve made is actually quite different, I still feel luxurious when I wear it. Plus, if anybody really wants that particular look, feel free to get hand sewing those little beads  on! Once you have the basic shape, you can chuck on whatever glitzy bits you like.

The slightly tougher bit was working with velvet, which is slippery and stretchy, but throughout my video, there is lots of advice on how to make dealing with it a little easier. Just stick with me, and don’t panic if things get a little lumpy: ironing is helpful, and dark fabrics are forgiving! If you want to make the Kimono in a non-stretch fabric, however, your life will be extremely easy. Just do rolled hems on all of the edges. Oh, I should have mentioned also that it’s best to get 150cm/60inch wide fabric for this one.

I’m slowly discovering that this jacket is the most versatile item ever, and I’m really pleased with how it came out.

Have a try, and feel free to ask me any questions as you go.

Peace out.




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