Sports Luxe T-Shirt (£1.25)

Hi gang!

Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been christmas-elfing and so my personal dress-making has taken a back seat. What I have for you here is a quick and simple, but fancy-looking t-shirt. It’s extra easy because you can trace off an existing t-shirt to get the shape. No measuring!

For the fabric, I’ve used an old curtain from the £1 bin in a charity shop. Hear me out! Old curtains are a great way of finding luxurious and interesting fabrics for very few pennies. For the size of the fabric, it basically just needs to be able to fit a loose fitting t-shirt on when folded in half. You can take your t-shirt to the shop with you. You could also do a mix-and match of fabrics for the sleeves and the body pieces.

Have  go at this one- it’s easy!

Also, I’ll do a vid later in the week, but it seems people like my instructions more than videos so I might save myself a lot of time and just do instructions in future. Let me know if that would be a problem for you!



IMG_2438 (1) (2)


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