Creepy Kitty Mini Skirt (£4.10) with Cheater’s Darts Tutorial


This skirt right here is one of those super easy and simple shapes that you can bang out in any sort of fabric you like. I don’t like cats at all but I thought it would be real funny to have a cat skirt, so I bought this fabric off Ebay and spent less than two hours making up this garm.


Some people can be intimidated by doing darts, so I’ve made a quick video on how anybody can make them easily- no tape measure needed!

I took pictures today at the lovely Tate Britain if you were wondering about the photos.

Please have a go at this one. If you find a fun fabric you can end up making something really cute and unique for minimal effort. Tell me how it goes!


IMG_0356 (2)20160118_205516 (2).jpg