Flowy Pie Crust Blouse

Hey guys n gals,

Long time no sew! The truth is I’ve been working on a few things at the same time, but haven’t exactly gotten around to finishing any. I’ve been sashaying around in my embroidered denim jacket far too much to worry about following through with projects.

I don’t have a cost for you on this project because everything was free! The amazing paisley silk was a present from my sister when she travelled to India (nearly 2 years ago!). It was just 1 meter so I was never sure what to make with it, but when Alexa’s M&S pie crust blouse came out, I knew that the paisley’s time had come.

Yes, I know it’s incredibly brave of me to have a photo of Alexa Chung on the same web page as my own face, but I had to show you where I was coming from with this. You can see that my pie crust is smaller that hers, and I haven’t got the frilly yolk either. This is mainly because I doubt my ability to pull it off, and also slightly because yolks are a bit too much effort.

The other thing I should tell you about this make is that I did it almost entirely by hand! I started it when I was at my mums without a sewing machine, and machine sewing on nice silk can always be a bit slippery and tricky, so I went and did everything by hand over a weekend as I caught up on Project Runway and ate apple crumble. If you too are nervous about delicate fabrics and find stitching meditative, I’d recommend you try the ol’ school way too. You’ll get real neat and tiny rolled hems.

In addition to the 1m of fabric, I used a scrap of old ribbon and an old button for the back fastening.

And that’s it.

Let’s not leave it so long next time.

KB xx

FullSizeRender (10)

Fig 1. Me being creepy



IMG_0184 (2)

IMG_0185 (2)


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