I’m Katie. I really like sewing stuff, particularly when it’s cheap, simple, and satisfying.

I felt like the internet was lacking in information  about how to make amazing and fashionable garments from start to finish, and also that sewing  was often made out to be something tricky.  I    wanted to change that. So, I started this blog, with  the mission of enabling anybody with access to a basic sewing machine to make stuff. I don’t always use patterns, I don’t always line my garments, sometimes I cut corners. But what matters is that the end product will always look cool, and will generally be about the 10th of the price that it would be on the high street.

If you’ve ever dreamed of sauntering around in something that you’ve made yourself, even if you’ve had very little experience, I want to help you do that. Sometimes it’s scary to cut into a lovely big piece of fabric, but stick with me, and you’ll be happy and proud with the result.

Join me as a guerilla sewer,  sometimes being disorganised and improper, but always being creative, cool, and thwarting the big expensive brands that are out there. It’ll be fun.

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