Swooshy 70’s Pussy Bow Dress (£4.43)


So, here’s my first post! It’s inspired by all the 70’s style dresses that are out there at the minute. Except this one only cost me £4.43. Exactly how much it will cost depends on how much fabric you need- this is determined by the measurement of the widest part of your hips/booty area plus around 30cm. I was lucky that whilst I only ordered a meter of fabric, I actually received over 120cm, and this was fine for me.

I’ve tried to break down the steps in an easy way. Being a guerilla seamstress, I didn’t bother with making a pattern, but if it makes you feel better, of course you can draft the shape you want on paper, and then use it as a template for when you’re ready for the fabric.

I’ve illustrated all of the steps below, and also made a video (I’m afraid filming this stuff isn’t that easy on a big clunky laptop, but it will hopefully give you the guidance you need). I hope you have a go. Let me know how you do!



IMG_0038 (2)