Groovy High Neck Co-ord Set (£7.99)

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Hello My Pretties!

I know I’ve been pretty absent of late so sorry about that. As you can see, however, I sure have returned with a bang. I bought this crazy wax print fabric from a great shop on Goldhawk Road (this is near Westfield). They have tonnes of gaudy stuff like this, for anybody else with taste as loco as mine. I bought about a metre and a half for £7.50.

I decided to use it to make a co-ord set because co-ords are sooo useful, especially when you have a loud fabric. You can wear both items when you’re feeling sassy, and just put the skirt on with a black roll neck on a more demure day. You make a simple top and skirt, and end up basically getting a dress for free. The skirt I made here uses the same method as my Creepy Kitty Skirt, so below I’ve just got the instructions for the cool 60’s style top, complete with a little collar, and a super cute button back (check out the turquoise button below). I was pretty inspired by this set from Mango, which totals at £65.98. I find midis really difficult to pull off though, so have gone for something shorter and more streamlined.

I hope y’all will have a crack at this, and  as always, I love to hear from you when you have a go so keep in touch!


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Creepy Kitty Mini Skirt (£4.10) with Cheater’s Darts Tutorial


This skirt right here is one of those super easy and simple shapes that you can bang out in any sort of fabric you like. I don’t like cats at all but I thought it would be real funny to have a cat skirt, so I bought this fabric off Ebay and spent less than two hours making up this garm.


Some people can be intimidated by doing darts, so I’ve made a quick video on how anybody can make them easily- no tape measure needed!

I took pictures today at the lovely Tate Britain if you were wondering about the photos.

Please have a go at this one. If you find a fun fabric you can end up making something really cute and unique for minimal effort. Tell me how it goes!


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Easy Peasy Wrap Midi Skirt (£2.99)


Hey gang.

So this project is ultra easy and ultra affordable. I’ve made a simple wrap skirt  for the cost of £2.99 when in shops they’re £30 or more.

It’s made of two rectangles of fabric and doesn’t have any fastenings or anything to worry about. You can use any non-stretch fabric that takes your fancy. I like viscosey fabrics because they handle nicely, don’t crease too much, come in lots of patterns, and are widely available at fabric shops and market stalls. I got mine from a market stall in Tooting, but you’ll be able to find similar stuff anywhere.

I’ve recommended a pattern that uses your hip width of fabric plus 30cm, which gives a decent overlap but a considerable split up the side. If you want to be more covered up, feel free to use more fabric.

This is a perfect first-timer’s project. Please have a go and let me know how you get on. Good luck!